Instructions 💡

After make shipping label, we're going to update shipping information and reduce quantity for outgoing product(s) from inventory. Then customer will receive an email from website containing Tracking Number of merchandise, also customers who registered in can follow up their orders and see the Tracking numbers over there.
This is so important that customers should check the mail box after 1 business day - if there isn't any email from us please check your "Spam Box" and remove us from junk mail,so we can inform you, any change of purchase status.

Checking Out:
Actually The Biggest Problems on checking out Are:
  • If the item price is $0 (before or after a discount code is applied) and you are only paying for shipping. In this case, please contact the store so we can change it for you. In paying for orders directly with your credit card, the item price must exceed $0.50.
  • If you are using a mobile device - some mobile browsers aren't supported. Checkout should work fine on mobile Safari, Firefox, and Chrome, however.
  • If your card has been declined or do not have sufficient funds. Note: PayPal will charge a $1 fee for every failed transaction using a gift card)
  • If your address is not formatted in exactly the way our system needs it to be. Examples include additional or missing spaces (e.g SanFrancisco), abbreviations (e.g. St. Louis vs. Saint Louis), writing out the state instead of selecting it from the dropdown menu, if the whole address is too many characters, if the address is not written in exactly the way to match the way it is written on your credit card.
  • If your name does not exactly match that on your credit card (e.g. John Smith vs. J. T. Smith)
  • If many other people are trying to buy the same product at the same time as you this can cause server overload.

  • Please Don't Worry About If Any Founds Of Your Account Goes Out , It Will Be Back To You By Bank , We Don't Take Money Of Unsuccessful Transactions.
    If Its Not Return By 72 Hours , Then Please Call Your Bank.

    For more information see our Shipping and Return Policy

    Whatever not listed happens , You can make a call to +1 (818) 916 - 4141



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