Jaguar Cars' Engine locator by the model, series and engine size:

  🔍   XJ - XJ6 XJ8 XJ12 XJS - XJR Series:
         3.0L     4.0L     4.2L     5.0L     5.3L

  🔍   XK - XK8  -  XKR XKR-S Series:
         4.0L     4.2L     5.0L

  🔍   XF  -  XFR Series:
         3.0L     4.2L     5.0L

  🔍   S-Type  -  S-Type R Series:
         3.0L     4.0L     4.2L

  🔍   X-Type Series:
         2.5L     3.0L

        This page isn't a reference. For more information still you need to ask a certified dealer or mechanic. We've just listed some of the engines that we have had in stock. Please don't adjudgicate our knowledge.